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Dad Trophy Card | Father's Day DIY Gift For Daddy

Dad Trophy Card Printable Template Do you want to thank your father for being an awesome dad this year? If so, try making one of these "Top Dad", "Best Dad" or "#1 Dad" trophy cards for him! This is a standing trophy and card combo, perfect DIY gift for dad. Each trophy card can be made with just one sheet of cardstock paper, great choice for classroom craft activities for kids in school. The making process is easy enough even for young kids in preschool and kindergarten. Scissors, glue, and the Trophy Card templates are the only things needed to make this card. Front View Back View Flap that opens up the card There are 4 designs to choose from: #1 Dad, Top Dad, Best Dad and a blank one for your own personalization. All of the designs are "one page" templates. Get your Trophy Card template here . Check out these steps to see how to make this card: Cut out trophy body, handles and base. Fold the trophy body like shown. Cut the base and attach it

Papa Bear Card | Father's Day Card Template | Printable Paper Craft For Kids

Papa Bear Card Printable Template Looking for Father's Day craft activities for your kids? Try making this cute bear card with our 1-page printable templates. There are options to build-your-own, color-your-own, or do both! These one-page templates make classroom craft projects fun and manageable. Simply print out the templates on cardstock paper, use scissors to cut out the patterns and paste the parts together using glue. Perfect cut and paste, and coloring activities for young kids in daycare program, preschool, kindergarten and homeschool.   Colored templates for simple cut-and-paste project Black and white templates for coloring your own For this version, simply color in your desired colors first, then cut and build your own bear card. Colored, cut and assembled Papa Bear card by a 3-year-old Check out this  how-to video  for step-by-step instructions: Want to make this Bear card for daddy? Printable pdf files are available for download, click here for more details . For more

Build Your Dad Shape Art Card | Father's Day Card Craft | Kids DIY Cut And Paste Shape Activities

Dad Shape Art Card Printable Template Try this fun shape art activity for kids to build a male figure using various shapes.  This male figure can be a boy, father, or grandfather.  Simply cut and paste to build the figure and turn it into a card using our printable card template. This makes a great homemade card for dad or grandpa for Father's Day. Two colored templates with design variations First, choose which colored template to use. Do you like blue or black suit? A tie or bow tie? Which facial expression? Or draw your own face! Color-your-own shape art template If you prefer to color your own, choose this black and white template. Just make sure to color first before cutting the pieces out. Card template with gray silhouette  Next, use the template with gray silhouette as a guide to put the pieces together. Finally, fold the sheet of paper in half to turn it into a card. Don't forget to write your own personal message on the inside. Feel free to watch this how-to video fo

FREE Tie Shirt Card Template | Father’s Day Craft DIY Homemade Card For Dad

 Tie Shirt Card FREE Printable Template Want to make a nice shirt as gift for your daddy this year for Father's Day? How about a Tie Shirt Card with our FREE printable template? It is super easy to make with our one-page craft template. All you need are some color cardstock paper, glue, scissors, and some buttons for decorations. This is a perfectly simple Father's Day craft project for young kids in preschool and kindergarten. Printable Tie Shirt Card template This is a "one page" template which makes it convenient for group or classroom craft activities.  Simply print the template on color cardstock paper, unless white color shirt card is preferred. Template printed on blue and yellow paper There are two ties for each card template. You can use both ties for the front and back of the card. Alternatively, use one tie on the front side and use some buttons on the back side to make it more interesting.  Yellow Shirt Card Blue Shirt Card Feel free to decorate the tie as

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