Dad Trophy Card | Father's Day DIY Gift For Daddy

Dad Trophy Card

Printable Template

Do you want to thank your father for being an awesome dad this year? If so, try making one of these "Top Dad", "Best Dad" or "#1 Dad" trophy cards for him! This is a standing trophy and card combo, perfect DIY gift for dad. Each trophy card can be made with just one sheet of cardstock paper, great choice for classroom craft activities for kids in school. The making process is easy enough even for young kids in preschool and kindergarten. Scissors, glue, and the Trophy Card templates are the only things needed to make this card.

Front View

Back View

Flap that opens up the card

There are 4 designs to choose from: #1 Dad, Top Dad, Best Dad and a blank one for your own personalization. All of the designs are "one page" templates. Get your Trophy Card template here.

Check out these steps to see how to make this card:

Cut out trophy body, handles and base.

Fold the trophy body like shown.

Cut the base and attach it to the body.

For more detailed step-by-step, watch this how-to video:

Interested to make this trophy card for dad? Instant download is available in pdf format, click here for more info.

For more interesting Father's Day card crafts, check out Father's Day Card Printable Templates.

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